Details of Claimant Commitments Emerge And Show the Biggest DWP Farce Yet

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pauline-jobcentreA recent response to a Freedom of Information request reveals the first clear details of what will be expected of claimants when Universal Credit is launched.

The new benefit, which will be rolled out nationally from October, will replace all unemployment and sickness/disability benefits along with housing benefits and working tax credits.  All claimants who are unemployed or working part time will be expected to sign a ‘Claimant Commitment’ detailing how they will try to find a job or ‘more or better paid work’ if already employed.

Those who do not have a significant health problems will be mandated – under threat of sanction – to take part in Work Related Activity (meaning work, workfare, jobsearch or training) for 35 hours a week.  Single parents with children between the ages of 5 and 13 will usually be required to spend 24 hours a week looking for work.  Even those with…

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A Middle Class Confession. I am a rich benefit claimant.

Benefits are only claimed by the poor…this is nonsense.

If you work hard you do not need to claim benefits…this is nonsense.

I work for a local authority earning £22,500 per year. This is just shy of the “magic number” set by Ian Duncan Smith of £25,000.00. So by logical reasoning you would  expect that I as a hardworking man do not receive any benefits. This is not true. I receive a lot and as I work I am not effected by the benefit cap.

My Wages

I take home £1350.00 per month

My Local Housing allowance

I receive £400.00 per month

My child benefit 

I receive £240.00 per month

My child tax credits

I receive £780 every 4 weeks (£845 per month)

Rent from rental property minus costs

£227.00 per month 

So in total my income is £1350 from my wages,  £2724.00 from the property but supplemented by £1485.00 in benefits. This gives me a total of £36744.00 per year. This is over £11000.00 higher then the benefit cap.

My situation is not unusual as a working man with a large family. However as I am more likely to vote, post on mumsnet and other sites the government takes notice of I am not deemed as a sponger.

The middle classes and the over 60’s take more from the government than the unemployed. I am not afraid to admit this but it is vital that is shared. If you are affected by the benefit cap share my story to show these cuts for the tax on the poor to supliment the rich and middle classes that they are.