3 Positive things (22/06/13)

1) Sent off claim for P.P.I reclaiming.

I received a letter from MBNA yesterday advising me that I had taken out a P.P.I policy with a credit card during a period that they had been found guilty of widespread misselling. I do not remember taking out P.P.I but did have a policy called “lifestyle protect”. After a bit of googling I found out that this was a fluffier wording for P.P.I but basically amounted to the same thing.

During the time I took out the policy I was suffering from panic attacks and remember the person who sold me the policy being quite pushy during the phone call. If they decide I was misold the poloicy I should receive a refund and this will be put against the mortage.

2) Found some items to flog on ebay:

If they haven’t been used for a year on they go. There is a playmobill station, antique bottle and sat nav going on later tonight.

3) Searched draws and cupboards for money.

I wan’t to hopeful of this yielding anything but through coat pockets, birthday cards and old wallets i managed to find £110.00. Amazing luck. That’s this weeks food shop sorted.