Beat food poverty with Aldi

When my tenant slipped into rent arrears a few months ago I spoke to her about her spending . I asked how much she was spending per week on her and her daughters food. £120.00 per week came the reply….once she had included the taxi costs back and forth from Tesco!

I told her that I shopped at Aldi and could feed my family of 6 for around £80.00 per week.

“I tried shopping at Aldi” she replied “but it was all in foreign”.

I have also during my work as a benefits officer suggested to people that they shop at Aldi and the response is always negative. “My mum shopped there and got food poisoning” “I’m not feeding my kiddies that muck” are some of the responses I received.

The lack of enthusiasm among  people on low incomes for budget supermarkets is astonishing. Aldi after all has won the Grocers supermarket of the year award for the last two years. Their food is fantastic quality and there are times at the till I have felt like I am robbing them when they tell me the price of my shop.

I used to shop online at Tesco and Asda and would spend hours trying to shave pennies of the bill by comparing offers and buying the value ranges. However by shopping at Aldi I save around £45.00 per week. That’s a whopping £2300.00 per year!

So if you are struggling financially they this week give either Aldi or Lidl a try for your full weekly shop. You , and your pocket, may be pleasantly surprised.


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