Comping my way out of debt. Mad or desperate.

Today I have entered over 100 online competitions. My reasons for this are purely financial as Competition wins can be sold on at a tax free profit. My main skills are in data entry so I have the ability to enter a frightening amount of competitions in a relatively short space of time.

Make no mistake tough I find it dull and am treating it as a second job. up at five and on the net trying to win cash, ipads, cd, books, anything I can sell for a few pounds.

Again this isn’t a whinge but another example of an opportunity available to those who are struggling at the moment. I can enter 100 competitions in under an hour. I’m pretty sure I’ve wasted a good hour a day watching pointless vids on youtube or stalking people on facebook. I can easily afford to drop an hour a day for this purpose and who knows I may even win a few things. I’ll keep you posted on wins and profits.


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